Dried Organic Moringa Leaf & Moringa Powder

Moringa oleifera is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Moringa and commonly termed as Drumstick Tree. Moringa tree has complex moringa leaves which have ample amounts of nutreints. They are a good source of B A and C Vitamins and have secured its place among the best plant sources of Minerals. The Calcium and Iron content is very high. They are an excellent source of Protein and a very low source of fat and carbohydrates. Moringa leaves also contain all the essential amino acids required for human protein synthesis. Thus the leaves are one of the best plant foods that can be found. All the Nutrients in Moringa Leaves are bio chelated which means they are most suitable for absorption and utilization by the human Body. Moringa leaf acts as an energy booster and helps control blood pressure. It aids sleep and has clinically proved enhancing lactation.

People who are concerned about their well-being now tend to be interested in Moringa leaf products. We have launched dried organic Moringa leaves and organic Moringa leaf powder as a solution for this. Dried organic Moringa leaves are produced by drying freshly picked leaves of organically cultivated plants, while preserve its nutrient content. Organic Moringa leaf powder is made by granulating the dried Moringa leaf into a fine powder. Good quality organic Moringa leaf powder is bright olive green in colour.

Dried organic Moringa leaves can be incorporated with curries and salads. Moringa leaves powder can be added to any food or beverage and it will increase the vitamin, mineral and protein content. Moringa leaf powder has the greatest impact on those who are more vulnerable groups as malnourished children, pregnant or lactating women, children at weaning age and the elderly.