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Why you should use ?

During the ocean transport under varying temprature condition in day and night, Moisture comes out from the product during high temperature in the day time and settles on the top of the container. When atmosphere cools down in the evening, the moisture form turn into water and falls down on the product and damaging the goods.

Inorder to avoid this problem, we have developed a new product filled with superabsorbent that weill not release moisture/ water once absorbed. Moreover will not absorb water or bio fluid from the commodity and this do not dehydrate the product.
Other moisture absorbents available in the market can only absorb up to 15Ltr of water. Our product will absorb up to 250Ltr of water in a 20FCL. You can also keep the ventilation holes open while in transport.
  • Requirements for 20FCL: 18 Sq.Meters
  • Weight 4.5 kg per unit.
  • Usage: Lay on the top of the product in the container.

  • Disposal Instructions

  • Hydromats can be dried and re-use if required at-least couple of times.
  • It is non toxic and no special procedures required to dispose off the materials after use.
  • It can be disposed just like any household waste.(Land fill or burning)

  • One unit is sufficent for a 1 x 20'FCL
    Moisture absorption capacity 200L - 250L

    + USD 100 per unit
    ( 5 pcs with tapes)