Organic Nutmegs

Welcome to Joint Agri Products Ceylon's World of Flavors!

At Joint Agri Products Ceylon, we take pride in delivering the finest organic nutmegs, backed by certifications from USDA organic, EU, JAS organic, Bio Suisse, Demeter, Naturland, and Kosher authorities. Our nutmegs are not only exceptional in flavor but also free from aflatoxins, ensuring safety and purity in every bite.

Sri Lankan Organic Nutmegs

Certified Excellence: Our selection of organic, Fairtrade nutmeg goods demonstrates our dedication to excellence. To satisfy international standards, each nutmeg is produced, picked, and processed with the highest care. Here's a sample of what we have to offer:

  • Organic Fairtrade Nutmegs (Whole): Experience the whole nutmegs, handpicked and carefully selected for perfection.
  • Organic Fairtrade Nutmegs (Whole Calibrated): Choose from various calibrated sizes (60/65, 80/85, 100/110) to suit your culinary needs, each delivering the quintessential nutmeg taste.
  • Organic Fairtrade Nutmegs (Broken/Grinding Grade): For added convenience, our broken and grinding-grade nutmegs provide ease of use while retaining exceptional flavor.
  • Organic Fairtrade Nutmeg Powder: Nutmeg flavor in our fine powder, great for baking or garnishing your favorite foods.
  • Organic Fairtrade Nutmegs Shell