Supply Chain

Sourcing the best quality raw ingredients for the processing is one of our greatest concerns. In order to accomplish this goal, we work with a farmer base of over 3500 farmer families from scattered over Sri Lankan soil. All these farmer communities are adapted to traditional agricultural practices and devoted to Organic principals of farming. Organic way is no peculiar topic for them as they have been inherited a vast knowledge from their ancestors, on eco-friendly, sustainable and nature conserving agriculture.

Organic farming is a way of life for our farmers and they follow integrated cropping methods where components as mixed cropping, biodynamic farming, organic manure producing and biological pest controlling are involved. Perennial cash crops, tropical fruits, shade trees used for timber, pest repellant crops and medicinal herbs are grown in the same farming land. Perhaps these farming lands are home gardens in the mid country of Sri Lanka which have numerous crops such as spices, tea and coconut. Most of these lands have been maintained for more than two decades from generation to generation.

Collaborating with such a mature and deep-rooted farmer base ensures the security of our supply chain. Therefore Joint Agri Products Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd has the deep down belief that the farmers are the ultimate wealth of our company and make sure their grievances are heard to be properly addressed.