Processing Facilities

Our Processing Facilities


Our spice factory is located in a state of the art 20,000 sq. building. We are certified for FSSC 22000 certification since 2015. Some of our highlights

  • European spice cleaning machines
  • Semi-Automatic Nutmeg processing line
  • Metal detectors and Magnets
  • 20MT fresh drying capacity per day
  • In-house laboratory for volatile oil testing, water activity testing, moisture analysis & density desting

Coconut processing

Produced in a BRC certified facility. The wet and dry areas are fully separated. In the OVCO production process,

  • The filtration process is followed by a centrifugation process to remove the sediments
  • The remaining moisture is evaporated using moisture evaporator
  • The dryer temperature and the expelling temperature is kept below 60°C.

In coconut milk production unit,

  • A rotatable retort is used to avoid quality defects.
  • The filling unit is fully automated.

All the food contact surfaces and the storage tanks are made out of stainless steel.

An in-house laboratory is available to check the physical and chemical parameters of coconut products from on-going processing lots.

Dehydrated fruits

Dehydrated fruits. An in-house laboratory to check the parameters such as water activity, moisture level etc. from on-going production lots. Metal detection step to detect any metal particles after final packing. Nitrogen flushing machine to do the retail packing. Fully air-conditioned and sanitized production facilities.


  • 12,000 sq. ISO 22000 certified factory.
  • Capacity of 5000kg fresh leaf intake for a day.
  • Process runs by steam boiler.
  • Separate green tea and a Black tea manufacturing line.
  • Color sorters